12 April 2018

Unicorn Slices (feat. New Day) by @NLi10 and Mr Kipling

Here we have some Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices - and seeing as I was going to a Wrestlemania party i chose to eat them during the New Day match because they love unicorns too!

Here we can see the huge projector screen and the New Day entrance, featuring unicorns and pancakes.

There are even little people dressed as pancakes handing out pancakes - maybe I brought the wrong snack!

Turns out you can't really see food if you take it's picture in front of a projection screen.  This isn't ideal.

Luckily we had one left to take home for a decent shot.

Note the penguin themed scamper-pants.  These are your standard Mr Kipling slices - basically pure sugar.  At first I was upset they hadn't hid any kind of flavour in there, but then I realised that unicorns probably taste of pure sugar anyway.

If you want hyperactive children then get these, otherwise you can probably pick up other versions that have a taste too!

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