28 April 2018

Goose Island Honkers Ale (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

A well known search engine tells me that a Honker is a wild goose or a person or thing that honks. It kind of makes me wonder who or what would win in a honking match, the wild goose or person or random honking thing. A person honking at the same time as using one of those honking horns on a nineteen twenties vintage car may blow the poor crazy goose away, but hey you could even it up and give the honking mad goose a horn to jump up and down on and maybe the person wouldn't stand a chance… I guess we'll never know!

One thing I do know is this offering from the Goose Island Beer Company, in Chicago, is an American twist on an English-style bitter. This amber ale has sweet malt and fruity hoppy notes in its aroma. On pouring this 4.3% volume ale has a delightful enigmatic fizz. The mixture of fruity, spicy and herbal hops push this amber ale back towards the American side of the big giant pond. On taste there is sweet amber malt to begin with mixing with those sumptuous fruity hops, and they then tussle with a herbal hoppy bitterness that mixes with spiciness to the finish. A complex tasty lip-smacking Honker of an ale where our American friends tip their hats to us, and the English tip our hats right back at you! :-)

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