8 April 2018

Giovani Rana On Tour (free pasta inside) by @NLi10 #free

While I was dashing from the bus to the cinema this weekend I spotted a familiar logo on one of the promotional huts that hide outside Morrison's occasionally.  Having been a fan of the Giovani Rana pasta ever since I stumbled upon it, the idea of a free snack of a new flavour was enticing.

I had the chicken and bacon flavour, and I got a nice compostable fork and bowl with 5 pieces in.

The deal was this.  If you buy two packs of the pasta from any store and then keep the receipt they will send you the £5 back.  For something I'd probably buy anyway this was a deal.  It's not a location specific thing, it's a timed deal on their website.

I chose a veg style one, and a meat one.

And yeah - you may spot they are double the price of the own brand ones, but they are so worth it.

The veg based one is Spinach & Ricotta, takes two mins to cook and is as soft and tender as you'd expect.

The meaty one was Prosciutto and Mozzarella

And has a nice picture of everyone on the back by the special offer for the free pasta

Still my favourite brand of filled pasta, rich flavours and great textures.

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D said...

thats interesting, i saw these yesterday but didnt notice the special offer - i'd def have bought them if i'd seen the special offer. hopefully it will still be on next time i see them!