1 April 2018

Fry's Chicken style country pie (Holland & Barrett) by @NLi10

Ah - pies.  So unhealthy, full of all kinds of nonsense.  Unless of course you hunt down the right ones!

Here we have a previously discussed veggie pie - Higgidy Spinach Feta & toasted pine nut - and my chicken pie, only it's Fry's Family Fully Loaded Chicken-Style Country Pie, but 100% vegan.

I'd not spotted the pies before on Ocado - probably because they are fragile things and none would survive the trip in Strawberry van to my house.

It's barely survived the walk back from Bearwood - I had to put all the seeds back on top.  So much nutrition in a pie has to be breaking a rule somewhere right?

It falls to bits once cooked in a very inelegant way - if you don't like seeds then this isn't for you!  You can just about see the Fry's strips all curled up and pretending to be chicken inside the mess.  It works in a 'this is nice food' way, but it's not fooling any carnivores.

For my tastes though it's quite something.  PieMinister haven't got something with quite so many seeds and things going on, so this is certainly a niche worth exploiting.  Lovely rich flavours, great shortcrust pastry and stacked with toppings.  I'll be making special trips for these - and the two I got were reduced too which is amazing!

My partner's Higgidy pie chose to be much more photogenic.  A very cheesy proposition that I'll never understand or try, but is apparently also fantastic and a regular item to be found in our fridge.

So there you have it - pies needn't be greasy and full of horrible things - you can have a nice pie (still with lovely lovely pastry) and be a little bit healthier if you like.

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