24 April 2018

The Blue Coffee Box @bluecoffeebox #LoveBlueCoffee (By Uxorious)

The Blue Coffee Box is a coffee subscription club with a mission to bring speciality coffees from around the world to your door. In their own words they are a “gourmet” service and “You've never tasted coffee this good”. Their coffees are sourced from regions you don’t typically find in your supermarket aisle, with the farmers being paid above the Fairtrade price for their products. In summary, they live up to their acronym BLUE: Best of the best, Luxury, Unique and Ethical. With all these claims and such an obvious passion for coffee, how could I say no to reviewing their beans!?!

The Blue Coffee box arrived in the post, the presentation is absolutely beautiful and if you take a picture of the box and display it on social media, they even enter you into a competition. Does the FoodStuff Finds blog count? I think it must.

If you have read any of my previous coffee blogs, then you’ll know that I’m a physicist who lives on coffee; a physicist after all is simply a device for turning coffee into theories. My research is fuelled by deep dark rich black espressos, with my office and kitchen both having espresso machines; I just don’t have time to queue at some coffee outlet to get my needed shot of caffeine. As the Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry says, “It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.”

The first bean to try is from El Salvador, Finca Las Nubes, and the coffee roasters are Campbell and Syme. Into my home bean-to-cup machine the light brown bean goes and a few moments later out pours the espresso. It produces a really good crema and the drink has a woody aroma. The taste is zingy full of berries that hit the sides of your tongue. This has a wonderful long-lasting flavour that will wake you up, it’s electric and alive, and even though it’s a mild roast it has some zesty strong kick to it! This espresso made me smile and my tongue buzz.

Onto the next bean, from Peru, San Ignacio, roasted by the Cast Iron Coffee Roasters. Another light brown bean that produced a moderate crema with a sweet mild aroma. I found that this expresso lingered beautifully, and had a very mild soft flavour. This is quite different to the El Salvador expresso; this is an anytime of day espresso.

Last but not least, from Nicaragua, Calixto and roasted by Campbell and Syme. Again, a light brown bean that generated an espresso with a thin crema and mild aroma. This was my favourite of the three beans I tried; it was fruity, full of treacle and the espresso sticks to your tongue. The flavour is wonderful, a velvety anytime espresso. Could you send me some more please!

All Blue Box Coffees score above 80 on the Specialty Coffee Association system, which officially makes them “speciality” coffees, and I can confirm that the recognised UCA marking scheme agrees, they are indeed special. That’s an official Uxorious Coffee Assessment thumbs up!

If you want to try Blue Coffee Box out for yourself we have a special Foodstuff Finds coupon for you to use of FS518 which gives £5 off any product, including gifts: The Blue Coffee Box

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