23 April 2018

Kit Kat Made With Ruby Cocoa Beans (Tesco) #mybreak By @Cinabar

The whole Foodstuff Finds blog is dedicated to new taste experiences, we love to write about things we have never tried before, that was sort of the idea for the whole blog. This new Kit Kat really does meet that condition, it isn’t a new flavour of Kit Kat it is a whole new chocolate experience. This bar is made with “botanical cocoa” aka Ruby Cocoa Beans, and is said to be a new addition to the usual milk, white and dark options, we now have Ruby chocolate.
Now I have obviously tried to do a bit of research on this this, but it is quite difficult to find exactly what this means. The chocolate is made with Ruby Cocoa beans, it is naturally red and has no colouring added to it. The methodology for production seems to have a patent pending, but there are rumours it is to do with the fermentation process too. Whatever the method I was very keen to try the bar.
At the minute at least this Kit Kat Ruby Cocoa Beans is an exclusive to Tesco, and living in Wolverhampton this makes things a little difficult. I think it might be the only city without a large branch of Tescos, so I was very much hoping that the Tesco Express near us might just have them. I went in and looked around but couldn’t see any, so I asked. I spoke to a very excitable lady who was totally hooked on them, a little hyper, and kept going on about how it tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before. This very much got my hopes up, she must see tons of new chocolate bars working there, but this had clearly impressed her!

So I bought my bars, got home and unwrapped one. They really are bright pink, but this isn’t from any food colourings. The aroma from the chocolate isn’t that different, it smelt a little like white chocolate with hint of raspberry, bizarrely enough.
I took a bite, the first thing to note is that there isn’t anything really new in the texture. The chocolate feels a little glossy, but melts with body temperature in the mouth the same as other chocolates. The taste however is very new. It is both sweet and sour, creamy yet acidic. I suppose the best way to describe would be to say that it pretends to be a white chocolate infused with a sharp berry taste, but that that this berry flavour never quite develops into a distinct fruit flavour, it teases you then mellow and becomes closer to a white chocolate flavour. It is moreish and different, and does add something truly new to the chocolate world. I can’t wait to see how this new chocolate develops, and what other goodies will be coming our way with it. In the meantime, I agree with the lady in Tescos, and I’m off to buy more.


GmomodS said...

Interesting post. I reviewed this myself on my blog and found very much the same thing with the flavours, but in the end settled on thinking I wouldn't buy it again. Very different, but I'm not convinced its in a way I like. Good to hear others opinions! :-)

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