20 April 2018

Walkers 1970's Cheese Fondue Crisps (Ocado) By @Cinabar

If one food substance could sum up the 1970's it would probably be the cheese fondue. Yes this was the coolest thing for any dinner party in that era, when a bowl of molten cheese would be served up with crispy bread on sticks to dip in. Sadly I’ve never tried a cheese fondue, but I am waiting for them to come back into fashion. Walkers have chosen Cheese Fondue flavour to represent the Seventies era in their new range of crisps;  Flavours of the Decades.
Anyway cheese fondue is essentially just melted cheese which makes this flavour a nicely dressed up version of cheese crisps. The taste is pretty strong on the cheese and they have a nice depth of flavour. They were not too musty, and these cheese was well defined. The cheese itself is quite difficult to specify, but I think it might be a strong cheddar. It is that kind of taste. Cheese crisps aren't my first choice but these were tasty and very enjoyable, of all the flavours that have been released in the Flavours of The Decades range they aren't the most creative but they are a nice addition to the new multipacks.
I might have a look on eBay, and see if i can find a proper cheese fondue set!

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Lisa said...

We've done cheese fondue in a normal pan before on the hob (rather than using a fondue set), but it's handiest if your dining table is in the kitchen as you occasionally need to put it back on the hob at a low heat to re-melt.

The trick is to add plenty of white wine to it (most recipes do include it), then the fondue ends up liquid rather than a big solid cheesey blob :)