15 September 2018

Anchor California Lager (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Anchor California Lager

This Californian lager was first produced back in the Gold Rush era in 1876 in the Californian mountains, before refrigeration allowed it to be produced in San Francisco. It has the Golden State's bear on the front of the bottle. Cinabar tells me I've never blogged about this 4.9% volume lager before, but it seems so familiar!

I reckon it's because I keep moving it around my beer fridge. Regular readers may recall that I have a beer fridge. The last owners of this house were big wine drinkers, but left their fridge. Been as though I'm a big beer drinker, and not bothered about wine, it's now a beer fridge. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been avoiding this beer or anything like that, but we have to date label the vast amount of beer I have so I don't let any go out of date, as they get buried in this cavernous fridge the last owners left me. The fools. It's great having cold beer right there, even if I don't drink it everyday!

Anyway, back to this beer. This Anchor California Lager is made with two-row California barley, Cluster hops, and their own Krausened yeast, all lagered in Anchor Brewery's cellars in San Francisco. There was a yeasty lager smell on opening the 355ml bottle. This lager is a apt golden colour for a Golden State. It has a creamy head and is not too fizzy like some mass produced big bloating lagers can be. To be honest with you, I'm more an ale type of guy, because of the bloating! Having said that, I could get really used to drinking this craft creamy, bitter lager. It has a mixture of hops and barley in the first taste followed by a distinctive yeasty flavour that mixes well with the herbal hops and sweet barley malt for a perfect finish. Great stuff, can't wait to get some more, and I won't move it around the fridge for so long next time!

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