27 September 2018

OSHEE Vitamin Water - Dragonfruit // Citrus (Asda) by @NLi10 #Lewandowski

Today we are continuing the mini theme of water + reviews.  These are the swift response to the sugar tax, water with a flavour and a little sweetness is cheaper to sell now!  Here we have a Polish version with a famous (apparently) footballer on them - lets see what he's up to.

Robert Lewandowski is the brand ambassador for this water.  How difficult is his job? That depends on how nice this stuff is.

Here we can see he's telling me to stop thinking about writing the review and to actually get on with it.  Sound advice - if not a little generic.  Dragonfruit doesn't usually show up in things like this and is probably the reason it went from a maybe review to a pick-up.

There's barely any in here though and it just tastes of red juice.  Nice with it though, it has that vitamin aftertaste and is quite refreshing.  If it was free because I was the brand ambassador then I think I'd get through enough of it to make it worthwhile.  Wish it wasn't dreaming of dragon fruit and they'd actually put a decent amount in.

Next up is orange/lemon - which to me sounds like they put citric acid in and called it a day.

This one says the limitations are only in my head.  I think he's calling me thick! Maybe the limitations to what flavour you can write on the front is limited only by your imagination.

This drink isn't even blue! It's the colour of citric acid.  This tastes of cheap pop (the Mick Foley kind), and is nice enough but the red flavour was better.

I do feel refreshed and rejuvenated though so Robert has clearly inspired me in some way.  Next time we'll have a look at the snacks from this range too!

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