6 September 2018

Rhubarb & Custard Milk - in cereals & in tea (@COOPUKfood) by @NLi10

I buy things that aren't milk to use as milk.  I use mostly almond milk, and have tried other nut milks too.  The Co-Op helpfully has a range of flavoured milks which you could try.  And I've seen and had all of these before - except one.

This one.


If you are not British then maybe the concept of Rhubarb and Custard has evaded you.  Essentially it's a British pudding where you put really sour rhubarb out of the garden into a pot with some sugar, boil it up until it resembles food, and then add vanilla custard to the top.

Because these tastes are strong and distinct ones someone in the past had the idea of putting them together in the same boiled sweet - one side far too sour, the other a little too sweet and making something rather special.

Then the Co-op turned it into milk.  Naturally - when reviewing MYLK and almond milks I've put them on cereals and tea - so I did the same here...


As a drink in a glass it's fine - it tastes of both, but more blended than the separated sweets.  With an American style marshmallow cereal the sweetness is off the charts.  It's basically like having your sugar cereal in a bowl of slightly sour custard.  If you want your children to fly to school then this may work - otherwise, probably best for their attention span that you don't.

It's not horrible though.  Frankly I've had worse soy milk experiences than this, and I've not had to drain any off - the little drink at the end of the bowl is actually quite nice too.  I've tried it with both of the american style cereals from last weekend and plainer ones too.  They really all taste the same with this on them, it's just the sweetness that varies.


And now for the ultimate test - rhubarb and custard tea. 

Yup - it’s thick like custard, vanilla flavoured and has that sour spicy rhubarb taste too. And it kind of works! The overall effect is like a vanilla chai, and the thickness actually works to its benefit. I mean as of writing this I’ve still only had one cup, but I may use this to finish the carton instead of the cereal, it’s almost a better fit.

I can’t imagine anyone buying it for this purpose, but if you find yourself with a carton then go for it. 

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