1 September 2018

Banks’s Barley Gold Strong Ale (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Banks's Brewery is just down the road from where I live. I can often smell the malted barley from Wolverhampton train station in the morning. One of my favourite beers and snacks is a pint of Banks's Mild with a packet of Walker's Ready Salted crisps, especially in a quiet pub with a good book. I do like Banks's Bitter also, but their Mild in my opinion is one of the best beers on the market. Not enough breweries produce Mild, and they taste so good it's a shame. Anyway, I haven't tried this Banks's Barley Gold before. I can tell you it came as quite a shock when Cinabar called it's name out from the supermarket internet page on offering to order the four cans.

This Banks's Barley Gold was produced from a 100 year old recipe and brewed with English Malted Barley, and hops from Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Kent. It won the Brewing Industry International Awards Gold Medal in 2004 and 2005. At 7.4% volume this beer is classed as a 'strong ale'. There was a deep malted barley smell on opening the can with herbal hops undertones. True to its name this Barley Gold is a rich golden colour. The strength of this ale hit my palate like a runaway train on first taste. Some strong ales I've tried in the past often have a habit of tasting a little like beer and red wine mixed from the sheer alcohol content. Not with Banks's Barley Gold though. Pure and dominating malted barley slapped my tastebuds first, followed closely by a mixture of bitter hops held within a comforting flavoursome envelope of sweet malt into the aftertaste. Gosh this is a lovely beer! It will be a regular next to my order of four cans of Banks's Mild, but I'll save the crisps for the later and enjoy Banks's Barley Gold on its own.

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