16 September 2018

OZMO Biscatas - Strawberry Treasures! (Premier) by @NLi10

Occasionally I spot things while queuing in those little grocery shops that we have in the UK.  Often these end up in Disappointment Wars reviews where we look at how bad they are.  These I suspected may join them.  Flashy boxes tend to mean terrible contents.

OZMO Biscatas - Strawberry Treasures

These Ozmo biscatas however are worthy of their own little write up.  They are oddly Pirate themed, and have little (faded) pictures on the chocolate shells as shown on the box.

It even has a game inside - I bet that's good quality...

Oh - it is! Many KickStarter games aren't printed this well.  The way it works is that you draw the biscuits from the bag and move the right number of islands according to the key on the left.  Simple, yet effective - and you can play without dice or scissors as you could easily tear the counters off the bottom.

And the little biscuit things are great too! The creme inside is basically an angel delight like substance, and the outsides were crunchy and tasted chocolatey.  Rarely do I find something that I picked up as a joke that is this satisfying!  Well done Ozmo Pirates - you have treasure worth plundering indeed.

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