7 September 2018

New Cadbury Joy Fills (Sainsbury’s) By @Cinabar

Following on from last weeks review on the New Oreo Joy Fills, we have the New Cadbury Joy Fills. Did you see what they did there with the name, just switched around the brand, after all both are owned by the same parent company now. The Cadbury version of Joy Fills are similar to the Oreo ones in that they consist of a wheat shell filled with a chocolate creme. I poured them out of the bag and thought that they looked smaller than the Oreo ones, but this may well be my memory playing tricks on me as I didn’t put them side by side.

There was plenty in the bag though which was nice. They were speckled with milk chocolate bits, but there wheat brown colour did make them look a lot more like a breakfast cereal.
I gave them the taste test and found them to be very much like breakfast cereal. The Oreo version had a darker flavour, but as the wheat case on these ones is fairly plan it did taste like something I should be eating in a morning. The filling is sweet and creamy and had a good chocolate flavour, not one that I would immediately identify as Dairy Milk, but nice enough. As it happens I like texture and I used to eat breakfast cereal from the box as a kid so these worked for me. Crunchy cases with a sweet chocolate filling, just got to stop thinking about adding milk and a bowl.


AARON said...

where can i find these

cinabar said...

Sorry this review was from 2018, I don't think they make them any more :-(