14 September 2018

Milka Choc Chip Cake (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Milka Choc Chip Cake

It is no secret that Milka is my favourite chocolate. I’m not sure what makes a favourite chocolate, perhaps it is because I had it as a child. I have a soft spot for Cadbury, but given a straight choice it is Milka all the way. Although the availability of Milka has increased over the years, I still get very excited about finding something new or something I haven’t tried before, often in a pound shop.

I spotted this box of Milka Choc Chip Cake bars in Poundland, the purple box stood out on the shelf an dI just couldn’t resist them. When I got them home I thought the box opening was very smart and it revealed large foil wrapped cake bars inside. Each bar has a crisscross pattern on the top and the sponge had quite a few visible Milka chocolate chips baked in. As excited as I had been about trying a new Milka product the cake bar turned out not to be that novel. The sponge was fine, moist and sweet and the hint of Milka chocolate was nice, but the flavour wasn’t special. If anything it was a bit generic in flavour, it was not really distinguishable from a number of cake bars from big companies to supermarket own. Don’t get me wrong I will enjoy these as a treat in my lunch box, but the only reason I’d be repurchasing them is for the excellent value for a pound, rather than because of my love of Milka.

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