2 September 2018

Magic Crunch Cereal with marshmallows (B&M) by @NLi10

B&M and Home Bargains have a lot of odd things that the regular supermarkets don't bother to stock.  You can get a few different cereals there - for example the Marshmallow Mateys we've looked at before.

This time they had another Breakfast Buddy 'fake import' cereal (it's a British company making American style cereals which is genius).

And it's a great excuse to pick up both at the same time and compare and contrast.

The first difference is in the style of the packaging, with the American one trying to seem cheap and healthy (because it's all sugar) and the British one trying to seem more fun and like it'd keep the kids busy (because it's all sugar). 

They do look fairly similar, but the American mallows are a lot more hallucinogenic and warp the milk more.  Also the grain of the British version is a lot closer to our own cereals so reminds me of Kellogs Start, where as the malty American cereal really is mush - they must hate chewing over there!

And while it's essentially a 'knock off' of Lucky charms (which is still £5 to £10 a box so avoided) it does the job.  I've had a good few mornings off this cereal, and it's not so mind blowingly sweet that you'll fly to work.

That is unless you do what I did to it in Thursday's review...

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