3 December 2017

Expensive Imported American Cereals (Sainsbury's) by @NLi10

On a recent trip to Sainsbury's I decided to 'treat' myself and get two boxes of import American cereal totalling nearly £8.  This feels like a rip-off, but for the nostalgia and the reminder of just how good British versions of cereals are it's worth a go.

First up we have Lucky Charms - we've reviewed these loads of times, but from the original £10 boxes in Selfridges to the £5 boxes on the high street in Sainsbury's it's actually becoming more reasonable. Especially as your decent size Kelloggs box can cost £3.  If you are old enough to remember the fact that (like that Mariah Carey Christmas song) the cereal was really overlooked when it was actually available in the UK originally, and it's mythical status has only developed since then you'll probably still think it's a little overpriced.

The main item for the review really is s'mores crunch which is based around marshmallow again, but with some crunchy bits added in.

It's clearly a cereal for lumberjacks.

And if you enjoy the always cheap to produce maze (spoiler - right, right, left, left, right) then Buddy has you covered.  The art does suggest the you should be setting the cereal on fire to toast the tiny marshmallows (serving suggestion) 

With almond milk this is pleasant enough, as you'd expect its a little sweeter than the typical UK cereal and it doesn't seem to fill you up as much as you'd expect.  Not one that is likely to take off then... except...

This is the shelf in an import sweets and general snacks shop and they have Lucky Charms and S'Mores Crunch - and Fluff! And all of them are a couple of pounds more than in the Supermarkets or in Mr Simms family sweet shop chain.  I don't know whether to be impressed at the arbitrage opportunities of picking up things from the cash and carry and selling them as a premium Xmas gift instead of with the weekly shop.  They also had a few of the odder Pop Tarts (but being less than 100m from the Cereal Killers Cafe I'm not sure these will fly off the shelves).

That said - £7 for a box of Lucky Charms is still cheaper than when Selfridges started stocking them many (marshmallow) moons ago.


Anonymous said...

Hello from the USA/Florida! I read your blog every day because I’m fascinated by the things you have that we do not. However, I have never, ever seen S’mores Crunch cereal in my life. And I’m a cereal lover! There is probably not one available cereal I have not had. So I’m not sure who said that was an American cereal, but its truly not! Maybe they have it in Canada?

jaime.akcc said...

I’m in Vancouver and I’ve never heard of it either.

NLi10 said...

Note from the future - S'mores Crunch is British and pretending to be American!