4 December 2017

Tetley Super Squash - Boost with Vitamin B6 (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I’m in two minds about added vitamins to products. I’m aware that if you eat a healthy enough diet you don’t need additional added vitamins. However it is difficult to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every single day, and really I think that is supposed to be the minimum, so part of me is happy to take a little extra in any form.
Leaving the vitamin part aside I will focus on the squash side. This drink is made up on a 1 to 5 ratio with water, which meant I had to add more than usual to the glass before topping it up with water. I guess I have got used to the more concentrated drinks. The liquid in the glass went a pleasing pale pink and I gave it the taste test. I loved the berry flavour, it tasted very summery and there were good hints of all the seasonal berries. It was sweet and easy to drink. I found myself having a couple of glasses per day, and although I couldn’t swear that there has been the promised reduction in tiredness, I can say I’ve enjoyed drinking it so much I want to buy another bottle. Any vitamin boost can only be a bonus.

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