1 December 2017

Lobster & Prawn Thermidor Sandwich (M&S) By @Cinabar

Lobster & Prawn Thermidor Sandwich

I have to admit that Marks and Spencer did have the traditional turkey sandwiches available and my hand did hover over one of them, but then I spotted this Lobster and Prawn Thermidor Sandwich. Firstly I could’t get over just how posh the sandwich sounded and secondly, as a seafood lover, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.
The sandwich isn’t too big, but it is packed with plenty of filling. I could see lots of creamy sauce and salad stacked up within it. The bread is a brioche bun which gives it a firm but satisfying texture. The lettuce has  a lovely sharp acidic taste, that counters the seafood perfectly. There is lots of texture from the prawns and the lobster, and the seafood tastes wonderfully fresh too. I really enjoyed the sauce it was creamy, but the brandy within it added a good warming element that held all the elements together. This is far from being a traditional Christmas sandwich but I still loved it, and it is the sandwich I will miss the most when they are reducing the menu in the new year, for the dieters.

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