18 December 2017

Koikeya Teriyaki Japanese Crisps (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

So I’ve been on the search again for curious sounding crisps, and these new Teriyaki flavoured ones appeared on the Morrisons website.Teriyaki is technically a Japanese cooking technique so I was more than a little bit curious to find out how they had interpreted that as flavour for crisps.
The packaging is quite dark and for some reason it took me a while when I saw them on the website to realise they were actually crisps, and not some sort of noodle and cracker meal kit. I guess I’m used the more bright colours of bags we tend to get in the UK.
Once open the aroma from these crisps was very minimal, just a light sort of savoury scent. We shared some out to have with our sandwiches at lunch time. The flavour of the crisps was still delicate, but I could instantly pick up on the lovely Japanese flavour. It was mainly soya sauce in taste, which of course is a wonderful savoury taste. There was a little hint of sweetness in there too, but just a touch, nothing crazy and some hints of spice. The crisps are mild for my tastebuds, but I still liked them and found them very easy to munch on. I’d certainly like to try some more crisps from the range and see what other Japanese flavours are available. Spectre said these crisps were perfect washed down with a glass of lager, if you are looking for a serving suggestion!

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Sean Mahan said...

These sound so delicious! Next time I see them I'll definitely grab a pack. Thanks for posting!