21 December 2017

Wookie Crisps (Popchips Galactic Puffs from @Waitrose) by @NLi10 #StarWars #Porgs

A long time ago in a Waitrose Far Far Away (ok - so Harborne and yesterday) I spotted some wonderfully branded tie (fighter) in snacks to go with the new Star Wars movie.  I have seen the movie and I liked it, but I shall avoid spoiling plot points as it's only been out a week.

The flavours are R2D2 Endorsed* sour cream and onion, and Wookie Endorsed* Barbecue flavour.  I chose the BBQ one because I like my snacks Chewy.

Also it reminded me of a scene from the film that involves the Porgs.  I like Porgs.

Wookie Crisps

You can also see the shapes on offer on the front - or can you - plot twist!

On the back there is a hidden shape too!  I wondered if this would be a movie related spoiler - can you spot it in the picture below?

Nope - it's not the NHS brand sandwich - there at the top of the bag is...

The starship Enterprise!! OK - so it's an R2 unit of some description.  That makes more sense and is the face of the other bag.  I wonder if there are Wookies in the other flavour.  Only one way to find out.  I feel that not putting the Porgs in or on the bag shows that they are targeting the older, more jaded Star Wars fans.

I think I was lucky to spot this so quickly as the bag seems to be mostly Millennium Falcons.  The flavour is nicer than I'd expected, but I'd forgotten that Pop Chips are one of the ones we liked when we tried all the 'reduced fat' crisps a while back.  When I last ate these Katy Perry was endorsing them.  Chewbacca's new album must be out for Christmas - but I bet it won't be as good as "Christmas In The Stars" was.  I think C3PO was on lead vocals for that.

Anyway - the film was decent, and these crisps are decent too.  I'd probably rather buy these again than see the film again - and I'd possibly go with the other flavour too for variety.  I wonder if there are any dark-side crisps (Worcester sauce?) that Waitrose were afraid to stock?

* The crisps aren't really from Endor, the planet where the Ewoks come from.  They are made in the UK.  I still like Porgs.

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