31 December 2017

Rekorderlig Premium Warm Spiced Plum Cider (@TheLordClifden) by @NLi10

It's oppressively cold in the UK at the moment, yet it's still a time to go out and socialise - what options do we have?

Here in the Lord Clifden (Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham) there are a few edible options on the specials board.

But it's the mini boards that draw my attention - hot alcoholic drinks!

I've claimed here many times before that the first people to mass market a warm alcoholic drink will become millionaires, but no one has quite managed to fill that niche.  There are lots of little warm barrels around this year, but they all seem to be different.

Rekordelig isn't my favourite brand of flavoured cider, but it's not one I'd actively shy away from either so it's certainly worth a go.

Looking pleasingly like a cup of tea (although possibly a bit smaller than I was expecting for the price) and having a nice branded logo really helped this not look like I'd ordered Lemsip.  The flavour was great, not too sweet and a little like the Japanese Plum Wine that we've talked about on here before.  Other people thought it had hints of cherry in there too, but it could easily have been a blend of flavours.  The orange worked well too as it kept the flavour interesting all the way down.

I had a second one which is always a good sign - and I had nice warm hands all evening and a clear head in the morning - result!

I'm sure someone will crack this market, and warm cider is probably the way to go - you just can't drink Hot Chocolate in the quantities that English people seem to think you have to drink alcohol on a night out. A weak, fairly dry but fruity, warm cider in an easily identifiable cup may just be the solution we need.  Maybe a mug next year though yeah?

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