17 December 2017

Moser Roth choc advent calendar (@AldiUK) by @NLi10

Hooray for parents buying you Advent Calendars due to guit generated by FaceBook memes! Well, realistically I think my parents will have always got me this one - because it looks so darn cool (and it's secretly budget supermarket own brand!)

It looks like a real box of chocolate - not a calendar for children.

It opens like a book so it stands on the fireplace wonderfully.

Although being like a real box of chocolates it spoils the surprises on the back - booo.  In fairness I'd have never guessed these flavours - maybe they should have given you the list on the 18th and then you could have figured out what you had for the last round.  There are of course 4 copies of each chocolate too.

And if you get given it on the 3rd you get to have three chocolates on day one!

Well, as I shared this with my partner we had to split them, but this has worked out well as we both clearly have favourites from the instructions on the back.  There are no bad flavours, some are a little more muddled than others, and the chocolate is good quality.

An absolute win of a calendar, and one that I doubt will make it to the sale section without someone buying them all just to eat as luxury chocolates.

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