27 December 2017

Winter Spiced Porter Beer (Marks and Spencer) By @SpectreUK

It feels like Saturday today. I'm not sure why, but I woke up fairly early and had my usual Saturday session at the gym. Lots of weights, some cardio, and then a good long swim followed by a relaxing time well spent in the sauna, jacuzzi and steam room. I had my usual Saturday big lunch when I returned home too. A whole tin of tuna emptied out into a sandwich after being mixed up with some mayonnaise, a big bag of onion ring crisps, and three runny boiled eggs, but I didn't have time for my usual fried garlic mushrooms on the side or my favourite rice pudding tin for afters. However, I did have time to write a beer blog. It tried to snow here last night, so this Winter Spiced Porter sounded like the right sort of drink to warm me up. Especially since my lengthy swim was in the outside pool, although I did spend ages in the sauna afterwards.

Produced by the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, cinnamon and allspice were added in the brewing of this 5.5% volume Porter. Seven different malts were used as well as Fuggles hops and Goldings hops to make this traditional London Porter, with its added touch of spice. On opening there was unsurprisingly a heavy malt aroma with a hint of spiciness at the back of the smell. This is a deep brown almost black Porter. Staring at the depth of colour in my beer glass was virtually hypnotising. On taste the cinnamon and allspice spring to the fore muscling their way passed all the roasted malts until a wave of malted barley, roasted chocolate malt with a hint of coffee and sweet malts crash over the overeager spices. Spices of which ended up having a little punch up with the herbal hops in the background taking my tastebuds into a spicy bitter herbal aftertaste. This craft Porter shows years of experience, care and attention in one pint bottle steeped in tradition and a yearning for a life on the icy seas. Oh, I feel a good black and white naval war film coming on…

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