22 December 2017

Dairy Milk Cadbury Golden Crisp (Cadbury Shop) By @cinabar

Dairy Milk Cadbury Golden Crisp

This Dairy Milk bar isnt a new bar as such, it is an imported bar from Ireland. I found it in Wales though in the Cadbury Shop at a designer outlet village. The bar is called Golden Crisp, and is Dairy Milk filled with muxed sized pieces of cinder toffee. The chocolate bar is a diiferent size to the ones I’m used to and was made up of 8 cubes. Once broken in half you see the Golden Crisp pieces quite clearly.
I broke my first piece off and bit in, I loved the crunchy chocolate texture, it did feel fun to eat. The extra honeycomb sweetness was a lovely addition and this was a fun and tasty bar. One thing to note is that I could pick up on the different flavour of the chocolate. It says it is Dairy Milk but is clearly has a different recipe to the Dairy Milk chocolate Im used to, there was a stronger element from the cocoa, particularly obvious if you let some melt on the tongue. It is the same chocolate flavour as Flake bars, very similar to Dairy Milk just a bit more intense. I loved the bar though, and do hope that this will get a proper release in mainland Britain. Sweet, crunchy and perfect for a snack size treat.

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