24 December 2017

M & S Bubbly Santa (Marks & Spencer’s) @NLi10 #Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve here in the UK - and what has Santa left under the tree?

Oh it’s a little bubbly Santa. I’m not sure he’d like that adjective, I’ve been told that bubbly is only used to describe overweight people...

Santa’s a little shorter than I remember - he also isn’t traditionally brown. 🎅🏿

Here he is after a small bite has shown just how bubbly he is. Not quite as light as an Aero, and fairly satisfyingly chocolate.

It's a shame Santa can't stay long - but he's got a very busy night ahead of him and this small amount of chocolate has to go a very long way.

Have a fabulous Christmas and hopefully you find some quirky snacks in your stocking tomorrow (or the sales afterwards!)

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