14 December 2017

KP XL Crunchy Coated Peanuts - sweet chilli with a hint of lemon @NLi10

KP nutsters were the first peanut in a Pringle snack that I remember so I have a lot of time for the brand when the try new things. Here we have a giant bag of XL peanuts inside crisps with a mildly spicy coating. The bag contains four portions.

You may be curious as to why these are in a glass? Well, you get the dust all over your fingers which when working is a terrible idea. Now you can drink them when you want a nibble as you work away. Don’t eat the snack doll, she’s just for scale.

And these are great, they are really quite chunky peanuts, and the flavour is strong enough to entice but not so much that you can’t eat them in public. But 4 portions is not realistic - they lasted about 90 mins for just me. At games night I’d need two bags not to be seen as a laughably stingy host! 

And I’d need serving tumblrs to make sure no one got dust on the cards.  

I’ll be buying these again for sure.

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