10 December 2017

Twin Peaks (@Poundland) by @NLi10 #TwinPeaks

Nope - it's too snowy to go to work today, even for bloggers.  Here is a snow owl instead.  Merry Christmas.

Yup - that's in my kitchen.  It's far too cold to go outside! The carrot was too big to use as a nose, the pasta looked like a beak. The artisan bespoke organic peppercorns for eyes compliment it well.  It's in a jus of melted snow owl because the heating is on - I'm not crazy!  

What do you mean that isn't sufficient for a lazy Sunday submission? Look at his cute scarf!!


Good job I went to Poundland on Friday before I got snowed in.  They had packs of Knoppers for a pound - you don't know how happy that made me.

And these:

Twin Peaks

Apparently there was a little controversy with these the first time these were announced.  They agreed to use a different colour packaging and to still sell Toblerones in store (in fact the originals were much easier to find in store than these were) and apparently they only made 500,000 - and I bought three.  After all - chocolate that there has been a legal row over must be good!  I only found out it existed because regular folks were talking about it on FaceBook.  I felt behind the snack curve and had to rectify it immediately.

So what's the deal?  Toblerone announced it'd change its shape to make it more convenient to eat, people who rarely buy a Toblerone went mad because you'd technically get a bit less chocolate, Poundland announced a version similar to the original size in similar packaging - and chaos ensued.  But! Now we have a frankly brilliant colour scheme (looks like a 70s F1 team) and two peaks and a back-story.

It looks very pretty.  You can tell why the originals come in a cardboard box - all the bars had snapped half way so I was convinced that it came in two bits.

It's still an absolute pain to eat though.  I like Toblerone most in the individually wrapped chunks or tiny bars.  Even this Fauxblerone is an awkward beast to deal with unless you snap it into the smallest bits you can.  It is a more natural 4 bite experience though as the dip between the hills allows you to bite after the first snap.

It contains all the similar alpine bitty bits that you'd expect (maybe a bit smaller) and the chocolate is a little less milky than the normal one I think, which is nice.  Everyone knows black Toblerone with it's Dark chocolate is the best one in the selection box.  When Poundland do that I'll be stocking up again.

As for this - it's a success.  It got me to do some Christmas shopping in PoundLand and find a few things that I'd not expected to see there.  The bar is not disappointing - it's chunky, chocolatey and very good value at a pound.  The packaging is funky enough that you could give this for Christmas as a stocking filler (especially if the recipient knows the back-story) and the person opening it would be happy.  Although they would know it cost a pound the limited nature adds to the appeal.

If you like the big brand version you should certainly make a trip in to find them - they are by the tills - but do have a wonder round while you are there as you'll probably find some hidden gems like I did too.

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