28 December 2017

Dissapointment Wars - Knock-off Festive Tat Eggs Edition (@NLi10)

Nothing says Christmas like disappointment, and nothing says disappointment like knock-off 3rd party surprise eggs!  It's time for Disappointment Wars - the rules are the same, we guess which will be the most disappointing (and least) of the below themed Kinder Wow knock offs and then see if we are correct.

Here are the usual pictures to protect you from spoilers, and indeed our guesses!

As you can guess by the timing these were 'borrowed' from my little cousin's Santa Sack having been lovingly provided by the big man himself.  She will also provide guesses.

Turns out they are all the same brand so it's going to be pretty much pot luck - or if you prefer disappointment roulette. 

The 'food portion' is very ignorable.  A room full of people on Christmas day didn't finish the one of these we opened...

Little cousin said Hello Kitty would be the best & Pokemon the worst.  I guessed that Spongebob would be the best and Frozen the worst - just to cover all the bases.

First up - spongebob round egg.  We got a plane.  Little cousin was disappointed but I thought this was fairly cool.  I'd have put this in the Monopoly set as a playing piece or similar.  She was already trying to open Kitty.

Greetings Cat contained a pink plastic ring.  Very disappointing to me, but Little cousin put it on immediately and kept blowing it round all evening.  She still had it the following day which was a surprise to me.  Tough for anything to beat this for her.

Snow Girls had a little basket that was immediately discarded.  I pointed out that she got a sylvanian families grocery set for Christmas and then it got put with that.  Not fun by itself, but surprisingly useful.

Pikamon had a solider.  Well, just about.  That moulding is possibly the worst i've seen. Especially considering it's made by the same people as the above plastic tat.  Again I'd put this with a board game to amuse myself, but it was completely ignored by little cousin. She was happy because it meant that both of her guesses were correct.  She's clearly a witch (or at least pre-arranged this with Santa).

This is a chart of most disappointing to least from top to bottom.

I still quite liked the plane, but not enough to keep tabs on it and now it's probably been binned.  As far as I know the ring and basket made it into the Sylvanians play set and the spoons were binned as is appropriate.

Hope your Christmases were as full of surprises, but actually edible ones.

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