25 December 2017

Mulled Wine Winter Berry Conserve (Marks and Spencer) By @cinabar

Mulled Wine Winter Berry Conserve

I started this morning in style, with very special jam on Christmas day. What else is there to do really. The jam is from Marks and Spencer and they had gone all out with mulled fruits, and edible glitter. This seemed like the perfect start to the day, with a slice of toast to set me up before the inevitable epic Christmas dinner.
The jam itself is quite a sharp flavour, not too sweet at all. The fruitiness was dripping in wonderful spices though, and the mulled taste shone through. This jam maybe pretty and sparkly from the glitter, but the flavour is more grown up, and reminded me of a spiced damson jam in flavour. This is definitely meant for adults from the taste, and a jam I’ll continue to enjoy over the Christmas period. Hope you are all having good food, nice prezzies and good times.
Wishing you a wonderfully Merry Christmas from everyone at Foodstuff Finds.

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