2 December 2017

Mojo Pale Ale - Beer (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

I've recently lost my mojo at work. I was working really hard, got on with everyone and really enjoyed what I was doing. I've lost it before a few years back after a particularly harrowing experience healthwise and that time I ended up with a midlife crisis and another stint at university. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed that too, but when your hair is the greyist by far and all the other students are more or less half your age, the jibes about being the oldest student wear a little thin after a while.

My work is another matter, I recently had an operation on my knee which was a two year old injury from a leg press (of all things… trying to stay young and fit!). My boss fell out with me as he didn't want me to be off sick, and the guy I had been trying to mentor for the last two years had become obsessed over a bullying case. I tried to help him out with the best advice I had, but it wasn't enough and now he's ignoring me too! So, I've lost my mojo. Mojo meaning magic power or influence. Time to look for a new change after Christmas, not another one trying to roll back the years, just a new challenge. The reason I'm telling you this, not to complain I guess, as we all have our own problems, just the name of the beer I've got in my hand right now and my own frame of mind.

There's a colourful explosion of a magical power on the front of the bottle. On opening, this 5.5% volume pale ale has fruity citrus undertones in its aroma. There's the smell of peach and perhaps a little pear from the hops added in the brewing. There is a refreshing golden colour to the ale on pouring. Tastewise the fruity almost peach flavoured hops spring to the fore mixed with the malted barley, followed by a sweetness, probably from crystal malt and the pale malt combined moving into the aftertaste. Very nice indeed. If you've recently lost your mojo, I'd recommend clearing your head and perhaps starting the New Year with a change of your own. I hope it's for the better. Cheers! ;-)

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