30 November 2017

SNAX - Salt & Vinegar (ASDA) by @NLi10

I spotted these in Asda, and rearranged the shelves to compare the sizes - ready for another instalment of Disappointment Wars.  Then I mentioned them to someone at work who had spent time working for Asda who said "oh, those are great - I ate loads of them!". But the time I'd got home my partner had opened them and also decreed them to be pretty good.

So - Asda Snax are basically a slightly smaller tub of Pringles.  And essentially half the price.

They also come with poetry - which I fully expected to have at the bottom "by Angela aged 8 3/4"

And they look the right shape too - maybe a bit less twisty somehow (maybe that's copyrighted).

Ignore my messy table.

And while they aren't as compulsive as Pringles are (I don't think any food on the planet treads the line between 'compulsive' and 'addictive' as Pringles do) they are very enjoyable, and reasonably filling.  They do taste more like a traditional Salt & Vinegar crisp too, so probably won't fool anyone at the buffet.  But if you are looking to buy a Pringle shaped snack on the occasion that the real deal isn't on special offer - try these, you'll probably like them.

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