27 November 2017

Clementine Hot Chocolate (Cafe Nero) By @Cinabar

Gosh it is cold out today. I was trying to take a look at the Monday post Black Friday sale remnants. So err Cyber Monday but actually in store if you see what I mean, this sale lark is confusing! Anyway having not found very much to buy I decided to have a warming hot chocolate in Cafe Nero and spotted that they have a special of a new Clementine Hot Chocolate. I can’t resist a seasonal special so no surprises o what I ordered. The drink came topped with whipped cream, chocolate drops and cinnamon. This is where I started, trying to make the hot chocolate safe to drink without getting cream up my nose. :-D I enjoyed scooping the cream concoction with a spoon though.
The cinnamon sprinkles were good prep for the seasonal hot chocolate. I was impressed by the clementine flavour within the hot chocolate, it was very much softer than regular orange and I liked the more delicate notes in the taste. It was gentle and a not too sweet citrus twist. It blended well with the milk chocolate flavour, making this a soothing sweet treat. It warmed me up perfectly and was the energy I needed to fuel me for a bit more Christmas shopping.

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