21 November 2017

Walkers Japanese Sweet Wasabi and Ginger Sensations Crisps (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

You can’t say we don’t get a good variety of crisp flavours in the UK. I often find flavours even now that wow me and are just varieties I haven’t tried before. Walkers are excellent for this and yet again they have surprised me. Japanese Sweet Wasabi and Ginger sounded like a very intriguing combination.
Now I have a love hate relationship with Wasabi, I think it burns my nose and I can barely tolerate the hot stuff, but I still love it. This gives the slightly odd look of me with watering eyes if I eat it in a restaurant but despite the tears, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I don’t have the same relationship with chilli, I’d much rather just have a medium heat with that. Wasabi though, hot is more. For those who don’t know what it is the nearest equivalent is a hot Japanese version of Horseradish sauce. Place a generous dollop on sushi and allow steam in the nose to form.
Anyway onto these crisps, we sat down to share these with lunch and my mum said she’d taste one before having any on her plate. She said it was too hot, and choose not to have any. This interested me and I was looking forward to some Wasabi heat. I took some for my plate and ate one. It was lightly flavoured, a vague hint of Wasabi and a subtle touch of ginger. If I had to be honest it was shockingly plain. Now my mum has decent tolerances of heat so I was confused by this reaction. It was hot she claimed again. I munched my way through a few more, then I hit one, one that was tangy and spicy and bursting with Wasabi goodness and flame. Now I know what my mum had meant. The seasoning was completely unevenly split, and this meant that in my portion there were a few super spicy heavenly crisps and the others when compared directly to them were as dull as anything. This is very unusual for Walkers, so I may have to treat myself to another bag and hope this one was just a bit unlucky with the seasoning.

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paulham said...

My favourite crisp at the moment.
I cannot say I have noticed any inconsistency in them.
Mind you, I find them to be on the mild scale of wasabi flavoured products. (I do like eating the paste neat from sushi packs for the hell of it!)