10 November 2017

Billionaire's Hot Chocolate (Costa) By @Cinabar

This was a hard decision for me to make. One of my favourite drinks of all time is the Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate. I wait for the Christmas drinks to come into season, and then I pounce. The Christmas drinks have now launched and as I queued knowing that I could now order my favourite I knew too that as there was a new drink on the menu that should be the one I choose. These are just some of the tough decisions faced daily by a food review blogger! :-D
So yes, I ordered the Billionaire's Hot Chocolate in Costa and a small chocolate teddy bear to have as an extra treat. The drink arrived topped with cream and a light crumb. The hot chocolate was made with caramel syrup, which was very visible on the bottom and not mixed in. It looked like it was meant to be stirred, or you would risk an over-sweet last mouthful. The picture on the Costa website looks the same though, with the syrup being photographed as stuck to the bottom of the mug. I still stirred my drink, they did give me a spoon after all.
I started with a taste of the biscuit crumb on the cream, and found it do be a very mild flavour. The cream was good though, and made the drink feel like a treat. The drink itself was pleasingly sweet and the caramel and chocolate made for a lovely rather indulgent flavour. I had this in the small option, and this felt right for such a rich drink. I liked it ever so much, it is essentially caramel and chocolate as its base flavours, so what is not to like. Next up I’m still going for the legendary Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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