26 November 2017

Twinnings Apple & Elderflower flavour Green Tea (@NLi10)

We all love a bargain, so when I was pointed towards these reduced (£1 off!) tea-bags in a handy resealable bag I couldn't resist.  Sure the pyramids will get a little squished but it keeps them nicely fresh for work.

It's also a good subject for the iPhone X's portrait mode (apparently you can take pictures of people instead of just cats and food - who knew!)

It has the usual nonsense on the back, plus good tips for not over-brewing it, and advising people not to add milk.

The tea-bag is a lot harder to convince a phone to focus on, it's like a little pendulum.  The leaves are a little smaller than I'd expected, but then green is just the tips.  They expanded out nicely once heated and all the apple bits floated pleasingly to the top of the bag.  They thought this through!

The smells on opening the bag were pretty strong, and the tea kept the flavour too (which is always a worry with fruit teas).  The green wasn't too harsh - a very anglicised blend - and the apple was the dominant flavour with the elderflower as a hit at the end.  Fabulous cup of tea, that is a bit more of an elevenses tea than I was expecting, which is great because i don't really have a 'green' for that time of day (I tend to default to PG decaf, which I know is essentially a mostly green blend).

Initially I was most excited to have a way to keep my occasional teas that bit fresher when taking them out and about, but these tea-bags are something I'd happily pay full price for.  It's giving me a few ideas for Christmas surprise boxes too ...

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