29 November 2017

Pukka Night Time Tea (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

This Night Time blend was produced by Pukka. It's a blend of oat flower, lavender and limeflower. This is herbal tea that is supposed to relax you into a soothing sleep. So it's probably not such a good idea to have brought the box to work, especially when I have several increasingly boring meetings today. I generally have trouble staying awake in them as it is, so I'm going to drink one of these before they start in order to really test it out. Having said that, I'm slightly worried about drinking this herbal tea, as the last herbal tea I drank had the most profound effect of gravity on me. I don't think I have ever experienced such an intense downward motion before. And for a good (bad) couple of days too. Anyway…
The box of this Night Time blend recommended leaving the teabag in freshly boiled water for around fifteen minutes. This isn't a problem for me, as I prefer strong teas and generally leave my teabag in for ages. There was an instance where I'd forgotten to take the teabag out and was in a meeting with a senior manager. He did find it funny when I ended up wearing the teabag and no small amount of tea on my white shirt when attempting to finish the mug.
On making this Night Time blend the first mistake I made was to sniff the teabag. As I blogger I find that I do these things; sniffing products I wouldn't usually sniff and describing the smell to others who may never sniff it either. However I do remember sniffing varying teabags when I was younger and tried different blends during a tea discovery phase. This Pukka Night Time smelt mostly of lavender with a combination of flowers and herbs behind it. I then made the second mistake of smelling the freshly brewed tea before taking a sip. It smelt mostly of lavender, with a combination of flowers and herbs behind it. I'm sure this would be good in a steaming hot bubble bath, but not so good if you're just about to drink it. I then made the third mistake of trying to drink it. Taking a tentative sip I found this Night Time drink tasted mostly of lavender, with a combination of flowers and herbs behind it. This is fine if you've had your head under the water in a steaming hot bubble bath and swallowed a little, not so good if you've got a full mug of it and nineteen other teabags staring at you from a particularly fetchingly designed vegetable ink printed box.
Did I find this Night Time blend relaxing? Not in in the slightest. Did it leave a weird taste in my mouth afterwards? Absolutely! Having said that it did mostly wipe away the nasty 'hangover' of onion and curry taste in my mouth from the meal out the night before, although it did leave me looking for something to get rid of the lavender taste afterwards!

Information on the box;
The 20g box has 20 herbal tea sachets. The ingredients were 100% organically grown and were made up of; oat flower tops (20%), licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender (14%), limeflower (10%), valerian root, and green Rama tulsi leaf.

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