16 November 2017

Fry’s Family Vegan Schnitzels (@NLi10)

The Fry Family Vegan range is fantastic, and as long as we have an Ocado Smart Pass And they have these on special offer at 3for £6 then I’m going to keep working my way through them!

This time we have something a bit different, schnitzels are pretty meaty and very European - so how did they manage?

Well they certainly look authentic,

sometimes I do worry about feeding these things to my veggie partner - she’s very trusting!

We had the, with sweet potato fries, and a few left over falafels.  The flavour isn’t a bit smokey, and a little meaty, but the texture is unmistakably that of the Fry vegan range. I really enjoyed the mix of the outside and inside and the breaded coating was a nice touch. I don’t think my partner was so keen, she doesn’t like things that try too hard to be meaty. This just means I ge to eat both of the remaining ones in the freezer. Hooray,

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