17 November 2017

Green & Black’s - Dark Chocolate Mint - Velvet Edition (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

This is a new bar of chocolate from Green and Black in their new Velvet Edition range. I am a big fan of mint chocolate so I thought this might be right up my street.
The bar itself is neatly packaged in card and then foil wrapped. The pieces of chocolate are very dark in colour and the aroma from the bar is outstanding, the tones of peppermint where very appetising.
I broke a piece of the chocolate off and was surprised by how firm the snap was. I do expect a firm snap on chocolate of good quality, but as this is a “velvet edition” bar I had thought it might be softer. The flavour is a wonder mix of rather strong dark chocolate tones, wrapping themselves around a fragrant and powerful peppermint. The chocolate isn’t too sweet, but the chocolate and mint work together oh so well. The texture is lovely too and as promised it does have a fairly thick melt that is very silky on the palette.
This is the perfect bar of chocolate for mint lovers, but its flavours are rather grown up. I like the rich tastes, and this is going to be a bar I pick up again and again.


GmomodS said...

Oooh I'm surprised to find you liked this. I personally think this range is horrendous. Its plain and dull and tastes too much like cardboard with no real complexity. Since Mondeliz took them over they've really gone down I think. Glad you enjoyed it, but personally I think its quite low quality chocolate and certainly overpriced :-/

cinabar said...

I liked the smoothness of the chocolate and the fact there was plenty of mint. However I know that there have been issues with the brand, the disappearing Fair-trade / Organic labels for a start say something about changes for Green and Black.

GmomodS said...

Yea they are smooth, though I found it also a bit tackky (like glue tacky) if left for too long in the mouth. I think this is due to the lack of flavour though. The mint is nice, but its a shame that the chocolate only tastes of anything at all really when its flavoured. Generally a sign of lower quality chocolate or a bad pairing. There have been issues yup, but I'm not 100% against them as the Cocoa Life scheme does seem to have the right intentions. Its just not as well known. I know that FiarTrade themselves, though disappointed, still support the Cocoa Life concept. I think the biggest issue is Mondeliz itself being untrustworthy and known for milking brands and watering them down into something less than they were. We all know what happened with Cadbury. its a shame this range has become G&Bs premium range now, as its much more inferior than their previous range.
I tried the M&S mint bar... you should give it a while if you like mint. Lovely. Made by an Italian manufacturer and very sooth and flavourful I found.