28 November 2017

Toblerone - Crispy Coconut (Cadbury Shop) By @Cinabar

So yesterdays shopping trip included the purchase of this rather impressively huge Coconut Toblerone. “That will be a fun parcel to wrap” said the cashier as I paid, I politely agreed as I was a little to embarrassed to say I’d purchased it for myself to eat, and was not even going to wait until Christmas. I wouldn’t have bought such a big bar if there had been a smaller version, but this was the only size that the new Coconut variety Toblerone was available in. They forced my hand.
I opened up the cardboard wrapper and pulled back the foil. There has been a lot of controversy over the spacing of Toblerone pieces and cut backs. It was difficult to judge as to whether or not this bar had been affected as the pieces were large enough that I could easily fit my thumbs in to break parts off. I think the distance between the pieces looked ok for a scaled up bar.

Now this new Toblerone is referred to as Crispy Coconut, but I’ll be honest the texture of the Toblerone is such that the coconut is rather mixed in. Between the nuts and sticky nougat there was a slight crispiness to the texture mixed in, a vague light crunchy feel when you bite in. The difference in texture though it something you have to look for, not something I would say defines this bar. On the flavour on the other hand, the coconut very much holds its place. The creamy coconut taste is a good match for the chocolate and the nougat and works impressively well. This is still Toblerone, with its usual honey nougat and nutty taste, but the distinct taste of coconut shines on through and is a most welcome addition.
The bar is big though, and it is going to take me a while to munch through, but rest assured I’ll give it my best shot.

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