12 November 2017

Yutaka speedy Ramen at home, Ton Kotsu or Miso (@NLi10)

A while ago we were contacted about trying some of the Yutaka brand Ramen at home kits.  As this was something I'd been talking about with friends (the total lack of kits for ramen that were not just a cardboard bowl with cheap noodles) we jumped at the chance, picked them up from the parcel depot and then stashed them in the cupboard for a cold lunchtime to try them on.

Now it's November, and we aren't out all the time those weekend lunchtimes are certainly here!  The only difference in the kits is the paste you receive so we are only going to talk about one of them.  Maybe if I pick up some Japanese greens to go on top (or tempura flakes like I always had at the Japan cultural centre in London 15 years ago).

I decided on the Ton Kotsu - but as mentioned the noodles are the same in both.  You also get two bundles per person which is generous, and the quality is great.

They separate and boil really nicely

And when you turn the paste into the sauce you can choose your own level of soupiness.

I don't like it when it's mostly water and the noodles hide at the bottom, mainly because I struggle to eat it!  The noodles were a fab quality, as you'd expect from Yutaka, and once you've boiled the kettle it essentially takes 5 mins to make.  The paste is strong and tasty - very mouthwatering and has the same distinctive flavour that you'd get if you ordered this from a restaurant.

Quality and easy to make - I look forwards to working my way through the other portions!

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