5 November 2017

Gu - Pots of Chocolate with a splash of caramel (@NLi10)

What seems like an age ago Gu sent us some vouchers and said "go out and buy our new mousse range" and as it looked fabulous we tried. And tried. And tried...  Whether Birmingham just wasn't a good market for them, or we missed the window they were in the trial stores I'm not sure - but we never found them.

This appears to be the next new Gu product, with perfect timing for Christmas so with the vouchers still in hand we picked up a box of these.

The idea is simple - sometimes a Gu pudding is a little too large - so here are six smaller ones!

There isn't as much fancy nonsense going on - no glass ramekins just a gloriously well designed box and six little plastic pots.

The blurb is pretty simple, you are getting chocolate pudding and paying about 66p a pot for it.

They don't look big enough to satisfy, but as anyone who has tried this brand before knows it's always going to be big on quality.

Look at that luxurious chocolate! It's pretty hard to capture on camera - no wonder they used pictures of it on the spoon!  The choc is fab and reminiscent of their other puddings, and the caramel is all at the bottom and tastes like a Rolo only runnier.  It's a great blend, and even for someone like me that chooses their fruity puddings every time this is a treat. The notion of sharing these is easily laughed off as they are individually sealed and will keep fresh for another day.

One couple, six pots, three wonderful mini puddings to enjoy with the TV dinner.  Tip out of the pots and add edible sparkle and you could easily serve these to guests too.  Fab.

Will still continue to hunt for those elusive mousse though.

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