2 November 2017

Goodness Knows - Blueberry And Almond And Dark Choc @NLi10

I was desperate for a non bread lunch time snack at Milton Keynes station and spotted these on the till end. As it contains many of my favourite things I suspected I was on to a winner - blueberries, almonds and dark choc is a great start!

As we waited for the train I fiddled with the packet and realised that the insides were being well protected by a card tray and it wasn’t as big as I’d hoped. And then I opened it to find four bites!

This was pretty disappointing, yet oddly photogenic. At 25p per square this better be pretty good.

And shockingly it was! It’s just nutty enough, just fruity enough, and the dip of dark chocolate was great. All the flavours were present and it was actually filling enough to satisfy that 11 o clock craving.

From my initial doubts at the size to price ratio and luxury of the whole thing to the eating experience  it went from’this will do’ to ‘ I need more’ in a very short time span. There are multiple other flavours, and hopefully a few special offers and multipacks to have. as a way to get a snack that isn’t just chocolate and fruit and nuts this is a great bridge between real whole foods and brand name bars. 

An unexpected delight.

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