9 November 2017

Waitrose Lunchtime Sushi (@NLi10)

My favourite quick lunch is sushi.  I discovered this at Uni and haven’t stopped the trend. Bromsgrove has a new Waitrose so I managed to pick up a selection to share for lunch. And here is one with quinoa instead of rice - super cool!

Well - until you open it and find out that they put mushrooms inside without putting that on the main label on the box. Disappointment city. Luckily I was able to trade these with my partner for some of her lunch otherwise they’d have gone in the bin!

The black rice rolls were nice, but didn’t overcome the disappointment of not getting to try the quinoa.

My partners basic veggie selection.

I also had a tiny box of Katsu bites which was a very welcome addition. The sauce is fantastic and basically a mayonnaise mix. Not healthy but very good. This felt worth the money for the box and went further than I expected.

All in all it was a nice mini meal, but I’ll have to flip the boxes in future to check for things I can’t eat - get.

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