24 November 2017

Maltesers Luxury Chocolates (Debenhams) By @Cinabar

A new branch of Debenhams opened in Wolverhampton, which is quite exciting for the city. Obviously I went for a bit of am explore, and having looked round the clothes and make-up I discovered the gift section, and within that of course there was the confectionary. Oh my, I could practically build my entire Christmas list from the choice there. I did however decide to treat myself to these new Maltesers Luxury Chocolates, for blogging research purposes of course.
Although Maltesers are synonymous with Christmas gifts, they are usually in their normal form of a malt flavours crunchy ball coated in milk chocolate. This year Maltesers have introduced these new Maltesers Luxury Chocolates and just for fun individually wrapped them too! Don’t worry though they are actually quite big chocolates inside the box, there are 16 of them individually wrapped. The box is epically bright inside too, it is very red!

Each one consists of milk chocolate, malt and wafer and tastes rather good. I didn’t think that the chocolate was quite the same flavour as that in regular Maltesers, although it was still sweet and milky. The flavour of the malt was a little subdued but the mix of textures made these. They were soft and crunchy in different places and nice to munch on. I liked the fact they took two bites and they were a bit of fun. The only improvement for me would be a touch more malt in the taste, after all they are called Maltesers so it aught to be the dominant flavour.

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