30 September 2018

OSHEE Vitamin Muesli Bar Plum/Cranberry (Asda) by @NLi10

Well last time we looked at the water - now lets look at the muesli bar!

OSHEE Vitamin Muesli Bar Plum/Cranberry

Rather oddly it has plums in it! This is a massive improvement over sultanas or raisins.

The pack isn't all that special, but I figured if I'm getting the drinks we may as well get a bar too.

And it looks pretty good - just enough choc to hold it all together and you can see the fruit.

The grains are pretty boring, but then that's not the idea here.  I'm sure its for exercise or similar. And it fills the need, like the drinks its reasonable quality and the flavours are good.

Not going to rush out and buy more, but I enjoyed it.

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