1 October 2018

White Chocolate Malt Balls (PoundLand) By @Cinabar

White Chocolate Malt Balls (PoundLand)
White Chocolate Malt Balls (PoundLand)

I’m going to start by talking about the legend that is White Chocolate Maltesers. They were a limited edition item some time ago, but they have made reappearances, sadly I haven’t seen them for a few years now. Oddly enough White Maltesers Hot Chocolate comes out most winters, just not the actually chocolates. White Chocolate Maltesers have quite a following on social media requesting their return but I’ve not heard anything about them making a come back this year either.

On a cheerier note Poundland have a introduced a new product that might just help fill the gap. Here we have a blue box filled with White Chocolate Malt Balls. This consists of crunchy malt balls all rolled in thick white chocolate. I gave one a try and found that the malt flavour wasn’t quite as strong as I had expected, but combined with the white chocolate each bite was a lovely sweet and creamy treat.
The flavour of the malt may be more delicate, but I liked the focus o the white chocolate, they were creamy and then after a pleasant crunch the malty tones shone through. I think fans of Maltesers will be pleased with these. The White Chocolate Malt Balls are moreish, and so easy to sit and nibble with the TV on. At just £1 a box they are a perfect stocking filling, or just a treat for a film night in.

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