7 October 2018

PG Tips - The Tasty Decaf (Asda) by @NLi10

I used to drink a lot of decaf tea.  I think I had a few issues with caffeine, partially due to my body's internal chemistry and partly due to all the tea and super-caffeinated drinks.  At various times I've been exclusively on decaf, and of all the varieties out there the PG tips one is the best.

The flavour is close to normal tea, but you don't get the caffeine hit so it still feels like there is something missing.

Then, when we were out on the weekly shop, I spotted this updated version.

PG Tips - The Tasty Decaf tea

Called "The Tasty Decaf" it seems to imply that someone understands the main complaint that people have about decaf. The feel is more incorrect than the taste (and also oddly the smell), but lets brew this updated version and see where it gets us.

Here we can just about read the blurb about how this is what tea should taste like - fresh and rounded.  They also show there is a Dairy Free cuppa version which I can review once we finish this box.

And - it looks like a cup of PG! And it also smells more like a typical tea.  Maybe that's just my imagination.  With regular PG & PG decaf if I forget which is my tea and which is my partner's you can tell by smell alone.  I need to try this out here too!

And it's a good cup of tea.  It Tasty decaf tastes more like a regular than their normal decaf, but interestingly less like a cup of PG tips.  You see what I think they've done here is to blend their usual tea with a little Earl Grey.  That's pretty smart of them, because the very subtle flavour differences do make the tea taste brighter and fresher than the standard PG blend (which has hints of Green Tea).

And it's a refreshing drink.  I had it with dairy milk for comparison for the review, but it works reasonably well with almond too.  I'd certainly have it again, especially if I needed to be on decaf, or wanted a pre-bed tea.

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