28 October 2018

Halloween Fanta-Sees - pretty pictures, boring drinks (@NLi10)

It's Halloween and this means all the blogs make a special effort!

For me the special effort was going round to my Sister's house.

All of the pictures today were taken using all the wonderful Halloween stuff set up for my sister's Instagram! You should all go follow her and double her followers because she doesn't know I'm mentioning it and it would freak her out!

While there were lots of ghoulish treats on offer today we are talking about this - zero sugar Fanta Blood Orange.  It's £2 for 6 because the bottles are special and interesting.

It tastes like regular Fanta Blood Orange but with a spooky aftertaste of artificial sweeteners! ghost emoji

Here is another Fanta - this time it's zero sugar grapefruit.  This smelt and tasted just like all the other grapefruit drinks - but with more artificial sweeteners! skull emoji

This one does have a snapchat thing which once you've figured it out gives you this!

It looks quite good in motion on the camera, but in stills it just looks a bit messy.  Happy Haloween!

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