30 October 2018

Halloween Fairy Cakes by Fiona Cairns (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

These beautifully decorated cupcakes were found in Waitrose. The name of the brand Fiona Cairns seemed familiar but I could quite think why. A quick Google showed that this is the maker who made the cake for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wedding. Well, this is Waitrose! These cakes are not as posh as a wedding cake but their cute Halloween designs did catch our eye.
There are three designs in the box, that of a ghost (which does have a little added sparkle), a bright pumpkin and a freaky spider. I hate spiders and for the record no amount of telling me my fear is irrational will help, show me a spider and I’ll scream. I miss the bravery of my previous line manager at work who had no fear and used to clear them out of the office for me! She didn’t even tease me too much. Anyway, that aside I can cope with an icing spider… just about.
The cakes have surprisingly sticky icing when they are unpeeled from their cupcake cases, and some finger licking became inevitable. The sponge was lovely and moist, and the soft icing was wonderfully sweet. These were a proper treat for Halloween and their hand finished spooky decorations really made them stand out. Happy Halloween everyone, hoping you all get a few treats.

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