4 October 2018

OREO - Choc'O Brownie Flavour (Co-op) by @NLi10 #OreOfLavOurs

We like Oreos and we like new - so here is the newest flavour of Oreos!

It's an American Themed chocolate brownie one - just in time for that most American of 'holidays' Halloween!

OREO - Choc'O Brownie Flavour

Here we see their fantastic hashtag #OreOfLavOurs which probably means that there are lots of other things just like this...

...which is to say Oreos that don't taste any different to existing Oreo versions.  If you'd told me that this was the chocolate creme/double chocolate Oreos I'd have believed you - probably a subtle difference that I don't know about.

And they are produced in Spain!  I mean I'm happy to have Spanish themed Oreos from Spain (Tapas? Chorizo? Paella?) but American ones?

Reminds me of this cool American style drink a friend of mine managed to pick up for £1 - that's pretty cool for an Import - right?

Made in the UK. Suddenly it just becomes a bottle of sugar water again! Not even got corn syrup in it!

The language on the bottle however makes me think that we export this to the USA to sell to Americans starved of real sugar.  The world of snack food is very crazy...


Bulldoger said...

Hi from America! As someone who lives in Florida, I can tell you I’ve never seen that beverage although they seem to be conveying a police looking badge on the bottle and a “Miami Vice” theme?? And about a year ago perhaps we did have a Fudge Brownie flavor Oreo but the name and the packaging of the UK version looks so different! Also I’m so surprised at the time delay for you to get these because I don’t think they are available here anymore. There are SO MANY limited time flavors of Oreos....who can keep up, lol!

NLi10 said...

Exactly! so many flavours/flavors.

Maybe the American style text for the bottle refund is all just deception!